The New Frontier of X-Ray Training

Sharper Insight,
Improved security

X-BAG is a new generation X-Ray scanner simulator, developed for the training of public and private security operators, involved in the screening of baggage and personal items at airports, ports, railroads, courthouses and other sensitive areas.

The number one training solution for…


Comprehensive training on hand baggage, hold baggage, general supplies, and cargo


Training for security operators conducting passenger screening at cruise terminals


Training aimed at customs, courthouses, embassies, and other sensitive sites

Key Features

Faithful simulation of the real operating scenarios and functionality of X-ray scanners
All images in the X-BAG library consist of real baggage, personal belongings, and prohibited items
The XBAG library consists of more than 15,000 images and is weekly updated taking into account new and emerging threats
Training modules can be customized to create sessions focused on specific weaknesses
The simulator reproduces the control keyboards and UIs of major X-ray machine brands
Multiple sections dedicated to individual and massive reports to keep track of progress and activities performed

Innovative Training System

Based on exact simulations of the real workplace

International Standards COMPLIANCE

Fully compliant with International Security Regulations

User-Friendly EXPERIENCE

Entirely web-based application that requires no additional downloads or configuration.


Access by hour, number of users or by annual license







By practicing on X-BAG’s extensive image database, our screeners significantly improved their performance

Rome Airport

Thanks to X-BAG’s innovative educational approach, training has become more effective and more fun

Venice Airport

Since we’ve been using XBAG, all of our screeners have passed the certification exam on the first try


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